9 Ways to Wear Pastel Makeup Like a Pro

Hi ladies,
Pretty pastel colors like lilac, pink, peach, and pale green are not just spring colours; they can be worn all year around. They can look good on all skin tones and are not that tricky to pull off. Let’s find out how you can wear pastel shades like a pro!

1. Keep the base makeup of your face light and fresh. Avoid bronzers or strong contouring products. When you are trying out pastel trend, just a tinted moisturizer, a BB or CC cream will be sufficient, you can also spot blend concealer if you think you need more coverage.

2. When it comes to color selection, less is more. You do not need too many pastel hues on your face or for a particular feature like eyes. If you must use 2-3 pastel colours, then at least blend them really well.

3. You can get a very simple eye makeup look by using a pastel coloured eye shadow with black kohl and oodles of mascara. Do not forget to well groom brows too when working with pastels to define your face.

4. If you think the pastels are washing you out and you need to make pastels pop, then you can use a dab of foundation on your eyelids and set with a sheer white eye shadow. This will create a base for the pastel and help intensify the colour also.

5. For a romantic date night look, you can go for different shades of rose or pink. Just the slightest hint of baby pink on your eyelids, cheeks and lips will make for a great and natural look.

6. You may think that you might look OTT if you’ll try the pastel trend on your lips but actually there are thousands of different lipsticks and lip glosses available in the market in different pastel hues. You need to search for the right one that will suit you well and will make your face pop.

7. If you use white eye liner on your waterline, then why not switch it up with a pastel colour. A pastel shade will work better than white shade to brighten up and revive your dull and tired eyes.

8. Pastels can get a bit overwhelming, so keep the rest of your look simple. The blush that you will use should be applied with a light hand. A flush of pink will go great with fairer skin tones and coral will look great on darker skin tones.

9. If you’re a bit shy to wear pastels on your face, then nails are another easy way to make pastels work. You can use pastel nail polishes that go well with the skin tone of your hand and embrace this trend.

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