Drop Waist Dress for Specific Body Types

Drop Waist Dress for Specific Body TypesDrop-waist dress has a classic style in which is truly versatile by nature. This dress is frequently associated with the 1920s fashion.

This type of drop-waist dress is characteristically in shape freely from shoulder to hip, transforming into a pleated or gathered skirt at the hip, rather than at the natural waistline. The 1960s reminiscence, the hemlines can be seen slightly short or to some extent more conservative.

Drop-waist dress is naturally comfortable and relaxed, more especially best for particular body types. Typified by a skirt which starts near the hip instead of the waist, usually cut loosely in the torso, this dress will revive the 1920s Gatsby-era charm and flatter of body types.
Slender and Willowy

If you have smaller bustline and hips, the drop-waist dress will help accentuating your inner flapper. This dress is designed for displaying long legs, delicate collarbones and toned arms.

For you who are slender and petite, it’s better to choose a relatively short drop-waist dress to prevent the dress from overwhelming your frame. Rather, wear both loose-fitting and more fitted drop-waist dresses with ease.

Apple Shapes

If you have thinner limbs and a thicker middle of weight through your tummy, a drop-waist dress is able to camouflage the midsection while showing off the best features.

For the most comfortable fit, stay away from the styles which fit tightly across your midsection, because lower waistline of the dress may create longer torso look but visually can shorten the legs.

A drop-waist dress will keep your legs and torso in balance in its shorter hemline or flowing, sheer skirt.

Style Savvy

You can pair this drop-waist dress usually with flapper-inspired kitten heels, a long pearl or fringe necklace and a small clutch with a long strap.

For more casual look, it will goes well with denim jacket and T-strap sandals.


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