Accessorizing Your Polka Dot Dress


Polka dot dress is a chich design in its whimsical, girlish, and playful features. This particular dress may also serve as a bold print accent to your classic and elegant look. Therefore, when considering additional accessories, it is better to complement it rather than to compete with it.

A polka dot dress is a timeless fashion for your wardrobe for any season and occasion. Accordingly, the right colors and accessories selection are going to highlight the girlishness of the dress as well as break up the monotony of the pattern.

Matching the Accessories

Pick a color to build around your accessories. The best idea is matching the color of your accessories with the color of the dots. This trick will prevent any competing spirit between your accessories and your dress pattern.

Minimalist accessories. Avoid adding too many, loud accessories, because polka dots itself is already a busy pattern. Only add two or three accessories, not including your shoes and purse.

Simple accessories. You can stick with solid colors.

Clothing Accessories

Belt or sash. The ideal one is solid colored belt or sash which will break up the field dots, add sufficient contrast which make you visually look more appealing without being chaotic.

Put on a hat. For natural girlishness look for your polka dot dress, you may add cute, dressy hat, more especially in simple bucket or straw sun hat designs.

Scarf around your neck. The best option is solid colored scarf for evoking an adequate contrast to your busy pattern dress.

Simple sweater. You may look for soft, feminine cardigan or shrug, rather than military-style jacket or other more masculine outerwear.

Simple shoes. Polka dot dress will be great paired with low-heeled sandals, closed-toe heels, or flats. It is better to pick little to no embellishment shoes.

Other specific accessories

Bow and ribbon in your hair

Purse and handbag in right color and size.


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