Baby Doll Dress – Savoir-Faire

Baby Doll Dress – Savoir-faireBaby doll dress is a style of clothing which come and go popularity throughout the years. Generally, it is a short, sometimes sleeveless, loose-fitting night gown or negligee intended as woman nightwear.

A baby doll dress has higher positioned waistline than the natural waistline. This dress’ waistline position can be ranged from the mid-ribcage area to just below the bust line. The skirt will fall from there, draping away from the body.

Due to its childlike nature, this baby doll dress is frequently trimmed with lace, ruffles, appliqués, marabou, bows, and ribbons, or optionally with spaghetti straps. Also, this garment can be found made of sheer or transparent fabric such as nylon, chiffon or silk.

Depending on the cut of the dress as well as the wearer’s body shape, this baby doll dress may be or may not be figure flattering.


The name can be ascribed from the fact that most of toy dolls wear similar style outfit. More especially, baby doll dress is also highly popular among children and infant. Also, this dress tends to have shorter hemlines compared to other dress types.


By and large, baby doll dress is highly well suited for the petite, slender, and tall individuals. How generous or slim the skirt cut will make a big difference in how the dress will look on a particular person.

Contemporary styles

It is now an item of adult apparel, frequently grouped into a form of lingerie. According to, baby doll styles are common in sleepwear and lingerie but have developed to become daytime wear as well.

Baby doll dress is now becoming accepted as bridal lingerie as they show to be a more affordable alternative to a bridal corset and have wider choice of designs and colors.

Short daywear dress of a similar style is occasionally called baby doll dress; the name is sometimes two words, baby doll, and sometimes hyphenated, baby-doll.


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