Shine Away to Glory: Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets

Ever wondered what was the secret behind the timeless beauty of the Egyptian Queen? What made Cleopatra the most beautiful woman on earth? One of her best known secrets was that she regularly bathed in milk. According to a Delhi based skin care expert Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj, milk is nature’s gift for a glowing, youthful skin. It is easy to use and guarantees a noticeable difference to your skin. She adds, “Milk is great for all skin types. Uncooked milk is great to use in face packs, and you can also use it to wash your face. Uncooked or raw milk is a good source of lactic acid which acts a natural bleaching agent. However, those with excessive oily and pimple prone skin should opt for boiled milk instead.”

Not only milk but its by-products also have great skin benefiting properties. Yogurt is great for oily and acne prone skin, helps in soothing skin allergies, itchiness, rashes and works magic for dry skin. It also aids in treating skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema and atopic dermatitis. “Atopic dermatitis – a kind of inflammatory, disorder – is one of the leading skin related issue among Indians, especially in Delhi. Curd is one of the best and natural ways to tame down the condition. Milk and its by-products should constitute a dedicated space in our everyday diet for a healthy immune system and flawless skin,” said Dr Bhadwaj. Curd’s pro-biotic properties also help regulate and maintain healthy skin functioning.

Why visit those costly skin clinics and beauty salons when nature’s elixir is right in your kitchen space. We have some secret potions and remedies that are way better than most pricey store bought bottles.

For Blemish Free Skin: Have those pimples left behind marks for you to battle with? Here is a perfect solution to do away with those blemishes and dark spots. Dried orange rind powder with milk can do wonders to your skin. Peel an orange and keep its rind out in the sun to  dry, you can also buy ready made orange rind powder from the market. Mix the powder with milk and gently scrub on your face for a minute, leave it to get dry, and then wash it off. You can also add some fresh papaya in case of skin pigmentation.

For feather soft skin: 
This one is an age old famous homemade remedy for a clear and glowing skin. Take masoor dal and grind it into powder, or buy ready made masoor dal powder that’s easily available in the markets. Mix it well with milk to make a fine, smooth paste. Massage onto your skin for about a minute and let it dry. Wash it off to experience smooth and soft skin. Follow the same at least thrice a week and feel the difference yourself.

Battle out the oil: Oily skin can really be a pain, and it gets highly pimple prone especially during hot and humid weather conditions. Excess oil accelerates sebum secretion which clogs up the pores. All you need is a natural cleanser with cooling properties and some moisturizing. Cucumber paste coupled with milk will give you just the same. Try it to get an oil free, refreshing skin, naturally.



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