Slip-on Shoes for Casual Look

slip-on shoesBy definition, slip-on shoes are characteristically low, lace-less shoes. Generally known as a loafer or slippers in American culture, this sort of shoe style has a moccasin construction.


Wildsmith Shoes once introduced this design in London and called them the Wildsmoth Loafer. Initially made as casual shoes, but they gained growing popularity to the extent of being worn with city lounge suits in America.

Aurlandskoen – the Aurland Shoe – in Norway also introduced this type of slip-on shoes design in the early of 20th century. These shoes are put on in various situations in great varieties of colors and designs, frequently featuring tassels on the front, or metal decorations as can be seen in Gucci’s loafer.

Slip-on shoes in their less casual, earlier type were created with side gussets, thereby occasionally named as dress loafer.

Having similar shape with lace-up Oxfords, although lacking the laces, these slip-on shoes were designed with elastic inserts on the side which enable to easily remove the shoe while keeping snug grasp when worn.

This particular cut of slip-on shoes enjoys huge popularity in Britain. Meanwhile, in America and some European countries – Italy, for example – this sort of loafer has its place in common use as a casual and informal shoe worn for work and leisure. For more formal circumstances, they will feature lace-ups.

Popular culture

Michael Jackson brought back the classic loafer into fashion and used them as one of his widely famous trademarks.

Slip-on shoes were originally men’s shoes. However, some styles of loafers, such as casual tassel loafers, are also worn by women. They put on these loafers with socks or stockings, even though bare legs with skirt have increasingly become more acceptable for women. In casual situations, their loafers have turn into fashionable as a sock-free shoe.

Slip-on shoes also can be worn casually on college campuses setting. They can be “fashionably” worn by both men and women with jeans, shorts, pants, and dresses. Moreover, they are available in huge variety of colors, styles, and brands.


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