Some Smart Tips for Mix and Matching Chambray Shirt Women

Some Smart Tips for Mix and Matching Chambray Shirt Women

Chambray or denim shirt has been gaining popularity for a quite few seasons. Chambray itself is basically defined as a fine cloth of cotton, silk, or linen, or other cotton fabric similar to gingham in commonly plain woven, lightweight, without a pattern, and has a dyed or unbleached colored warp and white filling.

More especially chambray shirt women have been handed down as one of easiest trends to wear. These shirts also reflect the spring and summer trends altogether. Sadly, many women have eschewed chambray shirts with the reason they just aren’t sure how to wear them. The good news is that there are actually a lot of ideas for mix and matching these shirts.

#1 – Go ultra feminine on the bottom

You can tuck chambray shirt women into pleated or flowing skirts. Chambray is so neutral thus can make perfect backdrop for bright colors and pattern mixing. You may also add a leather belt to tie the look together.

#2 – Go with colored or printed pants

You will be amazed by the combination. It’s just that they’re natural complements. Pair your chambray shirt women with mint, coral, red, green, purple or yellow denim. Another idea is combine it with patterned or printed pants. Or you can just keep it simple with white or black jeans.

#3 – Go open over dress or pants

Chambray shirt women also can serve like a cardigan. The first choice is belted chambray shirt over a dress for a chic spring look. And the second exploration is by wearing it as a light jacket with scarf on chillier days.

#4 – Go with other denim

Chambray and other denim will be about the contrast. For example, you may pair a light chambray shirt women with darker jeans for a contrasting look. Or else, you may blend a chambray shirt with a heavier denim jacket to evoke a contrasting texture.

#5 – Go with some other ideas

  • Chambray with sequins
  • Chambray tucked into a pencil skirt.
  • Chambray buttoned and belted (but not tucked) over a pencil skirt.
  • Chambray under a crewneck sweater.


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