Top Foods for Flawless Skin in 7 Days

From sun tan to black heads and pigmentation, summers can be stressful for your skin. Use of chemically packed creams and moisturizers can make things worse. Our grandmothers certainly hit the nail by concocting natural home remedies that have no side effects and are free from long term risks. Humble ingredients from your very kitchen can be the perfect solutions for your skincare woes.

Malvina Fraser, a celebrity skincare expert, has come up with such easy homemade tips and tricks that will leave you with a flawless skin. Follow the routine every day for a week – morning, evening and afternoon and you’ll find yourself glowing from within!

Day 1 

Morning: Use a warm wash cloth and press it over the face to open up your pores. Exfoliate, rinse and pat dry. Apply a primer to the skin to reduce the appearance of the pores.

Afternoon: Take a couple of minutes to do the ‘cheek bone squeeze.’ Gently pinch around your cheeks for a couple of minutes to increase blood flow and give a healthy glow.

Evening: Taking half a papaya and blend it. Apply the papaya on a clean face and leave it for 10 minutes. The enzyme action in the papaya hydrates the skin.

Day 2

Morning: When cleansing your skin use an oscillating brush moving it in circular motions over the skin to increase blood flow. Alternatively use a simple body brush and move it around your body in circular motions.

Afternoon: During your lunch break relax the eyes for 15 minutes by popping on an eye mask. This will give them a much needed break. Relax with some soft music on your iPod for a couple of minutes of tranquillity.

Evening: Relax in the bath tonight by adding in some Epsom salts. Add one and a half cup into your bath to get your circulation flowing. Make sure you are well hydrated beforehand.

Day 3

Morning: The Cleopatra milk cleanser is a perfect remedy. Cleopatra was well known for relaxing in her milk baths. Cleanse the face with half milk and half water. Gently rinse off afterwards. The lactic acid in milk brightens the skin.

Afternoon: Mix together one teaspoon of honey and three teaspoons of olive oil in a bowl. This makes a great hand moisturizer. With the residue left on the hands lightly pat over the face.

Evening: Try this DIY (do-it-yourself) home exfoliate for a brighter complexion. Mix together two tablespoon of salt and the juice from half a lemon. Once the mixture is ready, rub it across the whole face in circular motions and rinse with warm water.



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